10 Years Younger Transformation

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10 Years Younger Transformation

Our clients come to us for a unique solution to transform their appearance and take ten years off their age.

Inspired by the hit TV show

Our clients come to us for a unique solution to transform their appearance and take ten years off their age. Here is a great example of how we used various non-invasive treatments to change Sarah’s appearance in just 8 weeks.

The approximate cost for all of Sarah’s treatments came to £2500. We can do a version of this for anyone wanting to push back the clock in just two months.

To find out more about any of the treatments Sarah had visit our treatment pages.


We gave Sarah the Profhilo treatment and Botox Fix

We started the 10 Years Younger process giving Sarah her first Profhilo treatment. We did two of these during the 8 weeks, 4 weeks apart.

Sarah also admitted that she had been elsewhere for a bit of botched Botox so we started to fix that for her as well. Take a look at the pictures and videos to see how it was done.


Tear Trough Filler

Sarah had expressed concerns about her under eye area which is a tell tale sign of ageing. 

We used dermal fillers to plump out the area to give her a more youthful look.


Aqualyx fat dissolving injections

To get rid of Sarah’s jowel area we used Aqualyx which works quickly to break down the fat and reduce fatty areas in the face and body. 


Lip filler and mini threads

We put just a small amount of lip filler into Sarah’s lips to smooth them out and give her a younger appearance. 

We also used mini threads to lift her features slightly, you can see where we put them indicated by the lines on the last picture.


Triple Transformation Chemical Peel

At the half way point we gave Sarah our a medium strength face peel to get rid of pigmentation and tired skin to leave her feeling youthful and looking radiant.


Nasolabial and cheek dermal fillers / Zo Peel

Most women of a certain age will find they start to have lines forming from their nose to the sides of their mouth. This can make you appear older than you are. We used a small amount of dermal filler to eliminate this. 

We also gave Sarah another peel to boost the results from her Triple Transformation.


Aromaesthetic Facial and HD Brows

Sarah enjoyed a relaxing aromaesthetic facial towards the end of her transformation and we sent her to HD Brows expert Jamie Amanda @_byjamie for a brow re-shape using tint and wax. 


Final touch ups for Botox and lip filler

In the final week we assessed Sarah’s overall transformation and added in a few tweaks of Botox and dermal filler where needed.

The results – as you can see – are astounding. Even without make up, which you can see in the last picture, she looks incredible. 

10 Years Younger Client - Sarah

“I am genuinely amazed by the results from this process, my skin has never looked and felt so good, my confidence has returned and I can even leave my house wearing no makeup! Something I would never have considered before. This is thanks to Una and her amazing skill and in depth knowledge of her profession, combined with her caring and non pushy approach is what to me makes her the success.

Looking in the mirror is like seeing the old me but actually an improved version. I used to be very judgemental of people who underwent procedures I have had but now I can honestly say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, nothing looks fake or unnatural just a better more youthful and glowing version of me.

To anyone considering any form of procedure I would say go for it! You are in the safest and most expert hands, my results speak for themselves.”