Crepey Skin Treatment Options

If you are concerned by crepey skin, either on your face or body, get in touch with Dermal Health to find out how our advanced skin treatments can help.

crepey skin treatments

Crepey Skin Treatment Options

If you are concerned by crepey skin, either on your face or body, get in touch with Dermal Health to find out how our advanced skin treatments can help.

Crepey skin describes skin that is thin and finely wrinkled. The term comes from the condition’s likeness to crepe paper. There are multiple possible causes, but it is mostly a result of general ageing. Sun damage and lifestyle factors also can play a part.

Crepey skin will often be seen around the eye and mouth areas, but you also might observe it on other skin areas around the body. The good news is that we have multiple treatment options at Dermal Health to expertly manage and help with preventing this condition.

The Causes of Crepey Skin

Crepey skin won’t just appear overnight. It will have resulted from an accumulation of one or more of the below factors:

  1. Ageing: Age-related reduction in collagen and elastin within the skin equals thinner skin with less elasticity. Formation of lines and wrinkles will follow.

  2. Sun Damage: UV radiation from the sun or sunbeds accelerates the breakdown of collagen and elastin. In addition to accelerating the ageing process, UV exposure may also give skin an uneven texture.

  3. Moisture loss: As the age of our skin progresses, so does its inability to retain moisture. If this is coupled with not drinking enough fluids, inelasticity and fragility can follow. 

  4. Weight Loss: Another possible cause of crepey skin is rapid or significient weight loss. This can stretch and put strain on the skin’s integrity. 

  5. Genetic factors: Crepey skin, at least in part, may be connected to how your skin reacts to external factors. This and also how your skin ages could also be determined to your genetic makeup. 
  6. Environmental Factors: The usual list of smoking, alcohol, poor diet, and poor sleep contribute to skin quality. Free radicals and toxins will have a bearing on the skin’s structural components, giving way to ageing and possible crepiness. 

  7. Skincare Neglect: We are not saying that a poor skincare regime will cause crepiness. But, a regime that lacks in the basics of moisturisation and sun protection will cause skin ageing, which may include crepiness.
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Treatments for Crepey Skin

Depending on your particular form of crepey skin, its extent, and where it is, we can offer two types of polynucleotides and two types of skin booster. Which ones we suggest will depend on your exact case and Una’s knowledge of the different products and their predicted outcomes.

Polynucleotides for Crepey Skin

Polynucleotides are very useful for collagen and elastin stimulation and, in turn, crepey skin. They stimulate fibroblasts and other growth factors within the skin. We use Vitaran and NucleoFill polynucleotides here at Dermal Health.

Vitaran Polynucleotides

Vitaran is a polynucleotide injectable that is derived from 100% purified, filtered and sterilised salmon DNA. It is classed as a bio-revitalising skin treatment. It works at the cellular level to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Vitaran combines lifting, moisturising, and antioxidising properties.

NucleoFill Polynucleotides

NucleoFill polynucleotides are available in three variants: soft, medium, and strong. Depending on the location and extent of the crepey skin, one or more from these three may be recommended. Dermal Health understands the subtle differences between facial and bodily skin, and will offer the optimal product from this or Vitaran accordingly.

Learn more about our Polynucleotides treatments

Skin Boosters For Crepey Skin

Again, depending on the location of the crepey skin issue, we offer RRS Longlasting or Sunekos body for optimum results. Skin boosters help with the correction of many skin conditions including issues like fine lines, crepey skin, and irregular skin tone and also texture. Find out more about our skin booster treatments.

Skincare Treatments For Crepey Skin

Our clinic offers advanced medical-grade skincare treatments tailored to address various skin issues, including crepey skin. Una will give personal recommendations for your exact issue. The main recommendations will focus on intense moisturisation of the skin to start with. Other products that may be suggested would be collagen and elastin promotors, and creams that protect.

If you are concerned about any aspect of your skin, please feel free to book in with Úna for a personalised consultation. With an in-depth knowledge of individual skin boosters and polynucleotide treatments, she is best placed to offer exact solutions to your exact skin concerns. If you are not ready to book a consultation but have questions, please drop us a line using our contact form. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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