Our Treatments

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Our Treatments

We offer a number of non-surgical aesthetic treatments at our clinic in Central London. 

Years of Medical Training and Experience

Una’s extensive medical knowledge combined with her ongoing curiosity to learn about the latest trends defines her success in the aesthetics industry.

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Botulinum toxin A (also known by the name Botox) can be injected into muscles of the face and neck to temporarily paralyse the actions of those muscles. This reduces the prominence of facial lines and wrinkles.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a common skin treatment designed to treat uneven skin pigmentation and other skin imperfections. Expect improvements in skin tone, skin texture and revived looking skin following a skin peel treatment.


Dermal Fillers

As we age our facial tissues start to lose collagen and thin out. Wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. Dermal fillers are designed to replace lost volume and are used to help smooth out the lines and wrinkles on your face as well as other parts of your body. 

Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are anti-ageing injectable treatments that aim to re-hydrate the skin and increase production of collagen and elastin to give improvements to your complexion.

Thread Lifting

A thread lift procedure is also known as a non-surgical facelift and also a ‘lunchtime facelift’ due the speed of the treatment. A thread lift is a minimally invasive anti-ageing aesthetic procedure where dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin with a needle.


Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation technique aimed to provide renewed skin tone and texture and even out skin pigmentation. The treatment works by blasting the skin with a fine mist of microscopic crystals in order to remove the top layer of the skin.

Aromaesthetic Signature Facial

Our signature facial has been specially crafted to encompass the results driven from medical aesthetic treatments and the luxurious pampering from spa facials. 

Fraxel Laser Treatment

We chose Fraxel after trying many laser resufacing devices. The Fraxel Dual treats many skin concerns of most parts of the body. 

Celluform Plus

Celluform Plus is a specialised treatment. designed for the purpose of reducing the double-chin.