Thread Lifting in London

Also known as thread reshaping, Dermal Health offers three types of thread lift treatments at our Harley Street Clinic. Read on to find out what thread lifts are and how they can fit in with your anti-ageing goals.

Thread Lifting in London

Thread Lifting in London

Also known as thread reshaping, Dermal Health offers three types of thread lift treatments at our Harley Street Clinic. Read on to find out what thread lifts are and how they can fit in with your anti-ageing goals.

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Treatment Type

Facial Rejuvenation

Results Last

2-3 Years

Treatment Length

45 Minutes


24-48 Hours

What are thread lifts?

A thread lift procedure is also known as a non-surgical facelift and also a ‘lunchtime facelift’ due the speed of the treatment. A thread lift is a minimally invasive anti-ageing aesthetic procedure where dissolvable threads are inserted under the skin with a needle. The threads are hidden underneath the skin and the procedure leaves no visible scarring.

Thread lifts also have an anti-ageing effect by stimulating the skin’s production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid (HA). This element is termed bio-revitalisation. 

Thread lifts are the perfect treatment for patients who feel like they would benefit from a face-lift but do not want to go through the surgery and don’t like the costs involved.

Why have a thread lift?

As skin ages it starts to become thinner and becomes more inelastic, and thus starts to show signs of sagging. Thread lifts offer a minimally invasive solution to this sagging as facial tissues can be moved to their original position. This worldwide,  popular treatment has a fast recovery time and is known for its fantastic results.

Benefits of a thread lift

  • Corrects volume loss
  • Combats fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens loose skin
  • Smoother skin texture

Areas of the face that can benefit from thread lifts:

The Nose

Threads can be used to correct imperfections and elicit subtle changes to its shape.

The Eye Area

Thread lifts can help to correct droopy eyebrows and make subtle alterations to heavy eyelids.

The Lower Face

Threads can be used to alter the shape of the lower face by altering the jawline contours.

The Neck

Threads help to correct and tighten sagging skin in the neck area.

The Cheeks

Thread inserted onto the cheeks help to restore facial volume with a plumping effect.

Thread Lift FAQs

We use Definesse Threads. We have selected these from a large selection for their high quality, effectiveness, safety and strength. Their range consists of 3 different types of threads. This allows us to select the best thread lift product for your exact needs.

Thread lifts are estimated by the thread manufacturer to last between 2.5 and 3 years. This is classed as the lifting duration.

The threads are dissolvable and are made from the same materials commonly used worldwide in dissolvable sutures and other medical uses.

Most patients tolerate thread lifts well but there will be a certain amount of discomfort. 

Una will provide a topical numbing cream prior to the procedure.

As with most minimally invasive treatments thread lifts come with the risk of mild swelling and bruising. Most patients will be able to resume their day to day activities after 1 or 2 days but vigorous activities should be avoided for 7 days. We will provide you with aftercare advice and information to help speed up the recovery process.

Thread lifts and the substances used in their use have been around for 20 years or more. They are considered safe when the procedure is performed by an experienced practitioner.

What Types of Thread Lifts Are Available?

The Definisse range stands up as being prime example of an innovative approach in thread lifting. These threads are designed for non-surgical, minimally invasive face lifting, offering a blend of immediate and prolonged effects. We offer Definesse at Dermal Health.

Definisse Free Floating Threads

These bidirectional and convergent threads are particularly notable for their versatility. Their free-floating nature allows for a more flexible application, making them suitable for various facial areas. They are especially effective in volumising the cheekbone and lifting the upper nasolabial fold, offering both immediate and long-term revitalisation due to fibrosis.

Definisse Double Needle Threads

The double needle threads are also bidirectional and convergent and come with two length options. Each thread ends with two straight triangular needles designed for precise insertion. These threads are ideal for more targeted applications, such as jawline reshaping and lifting the nasolabial fold. The double needle design enhances the lifting action and provides a significant immediate volumising effect, with long-term benefits stemming from fibrosis.

Definisse Ancorage Threads

As Unidirectional barbed threads, the DefinisseTM Ancorage threads are unique in their design and application. These threads are equipped with straight triangular and cylindrical needles, offering a robust and focused lifting action. They are particularly effective in lifting the marionette line, jawline, and malar area, providing both immediate mild volumising and strong lifting action.

Lower Plasticity Threads

Each of these thread types is crafted from a blend of poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone, ensuring strength, elasticity, and lower plasticity compared to other threads in the market. Clinical studies and mechanical tests have demonstrated their efficacy in facial reshaping, with high patient satisfaction levels and minimal complications.

Thread Lift Procedure

The thread lift procedure at Dermal Health is a meticulously planned journey that combines safety and effectiveness.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves thoroughly assessing your facial structure, skin quality, and aesthetic goals. Our medical director, Úna Jefford, will discuss your concerns and recommend the most suitable type of thread lift.

Pre-Procedure Preparations

Pre-procedure preparations include guidelines on avoiding certain medications and supplements that might increase bruising. We also advise on skin preparation to ensure optimal results.

The Day of the Procedure

On the day of the procedure, you’ll be made comfortable in our London clinic. The targeted areas are marked, and a local anaesthetic is applied. The chosen threads are then expertly inserted using fine needles.

Post-Procedure Care

Post-procedure care is important to provide optimal results. We provide detailed instructions on care, including activity restrictions and skincare tips. Mild swelling or bruising is normal and subsides quickly.

Who's a Good Candidate for a Thread Lift?

Ideal candidates for a thread lift are those experiencing mild to moderate facial sagging. Individuals in their late 30s to 50s often see the most benefit. It’s important to have realistic expectations and good overall health.

Cost of a Thread Lift

The cost of a thread lift at Dermal Health varies depending on the type of threads used and the extent of the treatment area. Prices are finalised during your consultation, ensuring transparency and clarity.

Una Jefford

Meet your Practitioner, Úna Jefford

Úna, the founder of Dermal Health, combines extensive medical knowledge with a continual pursuit of the latest trends in the aesthetics industry. She holds an MSc in Clinical Dermatology and achieved first-class honours in Adult Nursing, along with postgraduate certificates in minor-op skin surgery, and is a registered Independent Prescriber.

Known for her warm and personal approach, Úna currently runs a weekly minor-op clinic in NHS dermatology departments.
Contributing to the clinic’s growing London reputation, she brings warmth and an expert level of personal service to her London clinics.

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thread lift before and after

This image show the results that can be acheived on nasolabial folds with the use of thread lifts